How to fix wireless issues, the BT way

My internet connection has been especially appalling the last week or so, and the wireless kept cutting out.

So, I had a nice conversation with BT this afternoon, who gave me a really innovative solution to wireless issues: Continue reading


What a Compliment…

I wouldn’t normally just post feedback from my work, but I quite liked this. By quite, I mean “really”.


I will be able to cancel my weekend Guardian subscription if you continue to hand in homework of this superb quality and quantity. A fascinating read packed full of well-researched & balanced analysis of this monopoly. Just brilliant!

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Tumblr Showdown

Lesson of the Day: Don’t be Xenophobic on Facebook

Migrant crisis, bad, not got much time to despair over the 75k signatures on the “STOP IMMIGRATION” petition but fuck the electorate anyway. Just started Sixth Form so only got time for mini-essays like this, in response to a chap called Dave Smith.

He’s worried.

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My Best Basic Cake Recipe | Becca’s Baking

My sister just wrote her first blog post! What a proud brother I am…

If you want to learn how to bake a really good cake with light sponge or aerated texture, this is my best recipe for cake.

Source: My Best Basic Cake Recipe | Becca’s Baking

Prom 2: In which I look mildly puzzled.

I’ll add this to the main prom post too, but I thought I’d share this, my Prom formal, separately too.
Might just be me, but I think I have a slight air of confusion…

"What is this photography you speak of?"

(Photo by DGS)


Just came across this, think it might be straying slightly from “realism”.


Ability vs. mixed sets.

Look at how unpolitical this post is going to be! That’s a departure from recent trendsĀ and then some, isn’t it? I will say, however, that this is one of the policy areas on which I disagree with the Green Party, who propose mixed-ability education as far as possible.

I myself have been in both bottom and top sets when ability set (ie. classes are put together on the basis of aptitude for a subject) and mixed set classes (which are not on the basis of aptitude). Admittedly in the former circumstance, mostly top set, but I believe my experience of bottom set in PE can be extrapolated to other subjects.

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Labour’s soul…

So I was reading the Guardian (always a good way to preface a really relevant political piece) and I came across an interview with Liz Kendall, who is standing for the leadership of the Labour party in the wake of the catastrophe for them that was the general election. Continue reading

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