Revealing BBC Calculator

So, the BBC has a calculator to tell me how much money I’m going to save (or not) as a result of the budget.

It’s really rather telling.

You will be £0 better off.
BBC Budget Calculator.

It’s odd, because it’d almost suggest that a lot of Conservative economic policies don’t do a lot to help the average (especially young) person. Which is ridiculous, of course.


A note to the Tories.

Having seen the Tories’ latest election material…uhhh…might I say a few things?

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Conservative Educational Policies

“It’ll probably provide exactly the sort of training we’re all going to need so that we can go and work in Mr. Cameron’s mansion as a servant…and, like, wipe his bum or something. We urchins don’t learn that until we’re sixteen, anyway.”

Education has, without doubt, been one of the most controversial areas for the current government, arguably being one of the most crucial areas in a country’s long-term development (and one of the areas I feel impacts most upon me) and there hasn’t really been a much more unpopular Education Secretary than Michael Gove for a very long period of time.

So, what are the Conservative Party’s educational policies for this time round?

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Election 2015: Vote for Policies

Vote for Policies

Voting for Policies. Seems pretty simple, huh?

And yet, how many of you have had delivered (if not bothered reading) some material from the Conservative party urging you to vote for them simply to keep Ed Miliband out? They do that because they know Cameron is more popular, but they’re not the only ones playing that game.

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Powerful video on mental health.

Over the past few months, I’ve been involved in a mental health campaign run by my local UK Youth Parliament (now Deputy) representative, Kieran Mulvaney.

On Friday evening, we officially launched our video, made with the Fixers charity at a rather moving event at my school.

Have a watch of the video, please:

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THE most brilliant response of the year:

So, after reading about the inspiration for my post on how to treat teachers, my friend (who has seen the whole email) felt compelled to respond. This gets a whole post rather than a comment because it’s so damn good.

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How to treat your teacher.

We all know that teachers aren’t really employed to teach us things – they’re just part of an elaborate scheme to stop children having fun. In fact, anyone who doesn’t treat them terribly is essentially bowing to the pressure of “the man” so to ensure classroom chaos is always prevalent, here’s a guide on how you should really treat teachers.

Talk to your friend.

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A little bit backwards.

…and with that, a grand welcome back to the Twenty Fourteen theme on theblog@rachael98!

Me likey.

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Brought to you via my Mobile. Lucky you.

I am good at this cake binging day…

I am good at this.

20 things not to do on Valentine’s Day | Life and style | The Guardian.

I haven’t done romance at all today. Just cake.

Something you might find comforting, though:

Meanwhile, can I ask where the heck my cards are? D:

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